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UCR Student Computer Expectation and E-mail Policy

UCR strongly recommends that all students have a computer with Internet access. UCR faculty will assume students have such access, and academic work may require it. The UCR administration will also assume that students have Internet access, and many administrative tasks may require students to use the Internet. The primary mode of campus communications is e-mail, and it is therefore mandatory for students to utilize their campus e-mail accounts to review academic and administrative electronic correspondence. For more information please visit:

Student Disk Space

Students now have 20 MB of disk space in their student accounts in addition to the 25 MB of space in their email accounts. Students can access their disk space either by logging into the computer labs and accessing their Z: drive, or by connecting via FTP anywhere that they have an Internet connection.

Student Webpages

Students can post their own personal website using the disk space on their student account. Once you post your website the address will be, where username is your student account username.


With webmail you can easily, and conveniently check your student email from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. There is no software to install, and nothing that you have to configure. Just go to and login using your email address and your password.

Virtual Private Network

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows students to have a secure connection when using the UCR wireless network. It also allows students to access on campus resources from off campus via a secure connection, as if they were on campus.


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